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Interim Executive Management

and Sustainability Consulting

Understanding Transition

Executive Transition Management (ETM) provides organizational leadership and capacity-building services following a leadership position's departure. Our adopted three-phase ETM Model reduces risk and strengthens organizational health and effectiveness during a transition.


PREPARE Helping the board and staff evaluate the organization's present condition and operating environment. We review data and materials and listen to board members and key stakeholders to fully understand the organization's current health and future opportunities.

PIVOT Making the necessary organizational adjustments. We develop a position profile and search plan that defines the leadership opportunity, work with the search function to ensure high-caliber candidates, and execute a thorough examination and selection process.

THRIVE  Assisting the organization to build a strong foundation for the success of the new leader with a thoughtful launch and onboarding support.

How We Can Help

TCF Collaborative is comprised of seasoned nonprofit leaders who have spent more than three decades helping organizations survive and thrive through organizational challenges and crises.  


Our Transition Consultancy is the complete Prepare, Pivot, Thrive approach. Starting with preparation and analysis of an organization's specific needs and culminating in a successful onboarding, we help the organization set goals, foster board development, and facilitate executive coaching. This service is best for nonprofits that have not undergone significant organizational development efforts and need a restart. This approach is best suited for organizations that have experienced substantial change or a long-term leadership transition.


Our Interim Executive Placement will allow your organization the time needed to prepare for and conduct the search process while freeing non-executive staff and the board from taking on the former executive's work in addition to their current duties.  Our interim executive consultants are highly skilled nonprofit leaders, experienced in both nonprofit business and change management who bring an objective perspective and can lead a board and staff through an organizational transition while addressing specific stabilization, sustainability, and capacity building needs over a time-limited period.


TCF Collaborative, LLC's Transition Consultancy also includes Allied Services focused on working with the board and staff to address specific issues that impact the organization's effectiveness, overall performance, and sustainability. These services can be contracted individually or in conjunction with Executive Transition Management or Interim Executive Placements.  

Our Guiding 

Partnering with Nonprofits to Create Opportunities For Change - Helping nonprofits become the best they can be by solving problems now.


Providing Best Practices That Are Relevant and Applicable - Tailoring services to ensure nonprofits achieve goals on a realistic schedule and budget.


Building for the Future - Finding optimal solutions that are effective, efficient, and sustainable.

Embracing Diversity of People and Views - Working with nonprofits to build equitable leadership and integrate DE&I values in organizational planning and operations.


Supporting Each other’s Successes - Working collaboratively to provide nonprofits with impactful and complementary services.


The TCF Collaborative, LLC is a nonprofit sustainability practice of seasoned interim executive transition consultants and former chief executives who have spent more than three decades helping nonprofits survive and thrive through organizational challenges and executive change. We are executive transition management consultants dedicated to helping nonprofits stabilize, build and bridge one executive leadership era to the next. We work in partnership with the search firms to ensure the needed organizational development work and the executive search process dovetails. Our observations can provide data points to the search process. With decades of proven success, our approach is guided by our commitment to building equitable leadership, growing respectful organizational cultures, and strengthening the nonprofit’s agility and ability to meet its mission.


406 Lincoln Street, Unit 203, Marlborough, MA 01752  Tel: 617-230-2204

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