Interim Executive Management

and Sustainability Consulting

Interim Executive Management

TCF Collaborative is comprised of seasoned nonprofit leaders who have spent more than three decades helping organizations survive and thrive through organizational challenges and crises.  


We provide interim executive services that provide supportive and effective temporary leadership after or as an executive departure. Interim executives can provide much-needed support when an executive leaves unexpectedly or when the board and staff need fresh perspectives on how to take the organization forward. The relationship often is most beneficial when an organization is ready to look critically at the organization and willing to make necessary changes. This allows the board, staff, and interim leader to apply their collective talents, preparing the organization for long-term leadership.

Sustainability Consulting

Based on our collective experiences of more than three decades helping organizations survive and thrive through organizational challenges and crises, we offer a comprehensive assessment that will guide your Board and Executive staff on how to lead your organization through and beyond these challenging and uncertain times.

Our sustainability review is built on partnering with nonprofits to create strategies and approaches to address the increasing human, social, and financial challenges facing the organization today. It can also help nonprofits assess the viability of their business model. 

  • Can mission be better achieved with more collaboration? 

  • What shape and form should that collaboration be? 

  • How are you preparing your organization, board and staff to manage and thrive beyond today’s many challenges and demands, particularly as the COVID-pandemic goes on?  

Our Guiding 

Partnering with Nonprofits to Create Opportunities For Change - Helping nonprofits become the best they can be by solving problems now.


Providing Best Practices That Are Relevant and Applicable - Tailoring services to ensure nonprofits achieve goals on a realistic schedule and budget.


Building for the Future - Finding optimal solutions that are effective, efficient, and sustainable.


Supporting Each other’s Successes - Working collaboratively to provide nonprofits with impactful and complimentary services.


The TCF Collaborative, LLC is a nonprofit sustainability practice of seasoned interim executive transition consultants who have each spent more than two decades helping nonprofits survive and thrive through organizational challenges and changes. We are executive transition management (ETM) practitioners dedicated to helping nonprofits be sustainable and improve their overall effectiveness and performance. With decades of proven success, our approach is guided by our commitment to building equitable leadership, growing respectful organizational cultures, and strengthening the nonprofit’s agility and ability to meet its mission.


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