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TCF Collaborative affirms the critical roles nonprofits play in our society.

When nonprofits need it most, we provide the needed capacity to continue to be sustainable, relevant, and impactful in transition times. 

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N. Paul TonThat
Principal & Managing Member
Thomas Colligan
Principal & Member

Over the past two and half decades Paul has earned a reputation for re-setting organizations and positioning them for long-term success.  He has deep knowledge in the fields of human services and housing as well as advocacy communities and has managed transition in those fields both as a CEO and as an Interim Executive.  Paul on

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Tom brings over 40 years of success and accomplishments as a change leader, crisis manager, and fundraiser. His experience in building organizational capacity has proven invaluable for nonprofits seeking change or growth. Few nonprofit professionals offer the breadth and depth of experiences that Tom provides to organizations. Tom on

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Gloria Franqui
Principal & Member

Gloria has over 30 years of nonprofit leadership experience and capacity building. Her passion is to help nonprofit organizations achieve their full potential by supporting their leaders, building social relevance and impact, and improving overall effectiveness and sustainability.  Gloria on

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